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Author Brandon James and his sister Jade discuss his book JEANNE CARMEN: MY WILD WILD LIFE with entertainment reporter KATERINA COZIAS


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Jeanne Carmen – New Info on the Death of Marilyn Monroe

the DAILY MIRROR newspaper in England is reporting new information on the death of MARILYN MONROE..

Pinup Icon JEANNE CARMEN is quoted in the article..

— Chillingly, the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star had previously discussed suicide with a friend, Jeanne Carmen.

A report claims Marilyn told her fellow actress that if she was going to take her own life she would “would dress in a white nightgown, take an overdose of pills and go to bed.

“The sheets and spread would be white and she would have her hair and makeup done. A friend would be informed of the suicide to make sure that after her death she was neatly positioned and the bedroom was in order.” —

Jeanne Carmen – new song and video

Check out this amazing new song and video by artist Johnny Punish.. super cool.. very well done

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