Jeanne Carmen in Grease Live! – Encore

JC - MOPB - 16

GREASE – LIVE on FOX TV – Encore Presentation by overwhelming popular demand

Pin Up icon JEANNE CARMEN was spotted tonight on FOX TV’s Live version of GREASE.

It happens during the famous drive in movie scene where Danny Zuko tries to grab Sandy’s boob and she freaks out and rebuffs him.

In the background, the movie playing prominently on the drive in screen is THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS

This is a big television night because it’s Easter Sunday.  The audience is expected to be huge.

Also, according to the Wikipedia page on Grease Live! the show has already been broadcast internationally in these 7 countries

CANADA –  1/31/2016

AUSTRALIA –  02/02/2016

UNITED KINGDOM – 02/03/2016

NEW ZEALAND – 02/05/2016

NORWAY – 02/07/2016

DENMARK – 02/20/2016

ITALY –  03/03/2016

LATIN AMERICA – 04/24/2016

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