It has been suggested to me that PRINCE HARRY and MEGHAN MARKLE named their daughter LILIBET.. after Pinup Icon JEANNE CARMEN’s tough girl character in the classic teenage rock n roll flick UNTAMED YOUTH

So how did this come about?..

Rock N Roll Hall of Famer and Rockabilly legend EDDIE COCHRAN is in the movie playing BONG.. (a name that flew over the movie censor boards heads at the time) Lol

Eddie Cochran is and always has been a musical icon in the U.K. and is revered by millions of fans across the pond on the same level as Elvis Presley in the USA

Eddie Cochran has influenced dozens of British artists from Paul McCartney and George Harrison of the Beatles.. to the Who.. to Led Zeppelin.. to the Rolling Stones.. to the Sex Pistols.. to Duran Duran.. to George Michael and many more..

Eddie Cochran died in England in a car accident in 1960.. He was only 21 years old.. 1 week later Eddie’s new song Three Steps To Heaven went to number 1 on the U.K. pop charts.

Untamed Youth is Eddie Cochran’s only movie role (other than playing himself in musical appearances)

So it is very likely that Prince Harry saw Untamed Youth and remembered the name Lilibet as the sexy tough girl from the movie.

And it’s highly likely this is the source of the name Lilibet and that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not name their daughter after his grandfather Prince Philip’s secret bedroom nickname for his grandmother.. Queen Elizabeth II of England.. as Prince Philip was whispering the name Lilibet in the Queen’s ear while that familiar clapping sound coming from the Royal chambers echoed down the hallways for the royal staff to hear.

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